The Story of Osman Karimu

The Story of Osman Karimu

Graduates will help transform Satemwa’s community through their direct participation in community based initiatives, and by starting well established businesses that will employ others. We can also work directly with Satemwa tea estate.

I lost my father when I was a young child, so I was raised by my grandparents and then my uncle. When my uncle also died, my aunt supported me. She managed to pay fees for my secondary school, despite our financial challenges. I finished school with good grades.

I could not believe it when I received the Rare Charity fully inclusive scholarship to study Food Technology.

I have always considered this scholarship as family and it has really served me as family.

Whatever I was doing, I had it in mind that somewhere some people are standing with me.

Now I have completed my degree, and I have finally made it with Credit. I am now employed by Satemwa as Factory Quality Manager. Eventually, I would like to pursue a Masters degree in Business Management. This is because of my intense desire to own my own business in the food industry. At the end, I should be able to work for myself, to create work for others and develop society through the business I will run.

I should say that I am the champion in my family to make it to such a level of having a university degree. Some of my relatives don’t even understand what it means to have a degree.

My aunt has passed away now, but I think that she would be very proud of me.

Remember that Rare Scholarships are helping young people who have completely no access to finances and other resources for school. With no doubt some of these young people would completely give up on school.

Thanks to Rare Charity scholarships, those who would be a burden to their families and society will be a blessing. Definitely some of the students will be key employees and leaders in companies, societies and nations, and their influence will be felt even on the entire world. This is the impact that a scholarship holds.

I am very grateful to everyone who is contributing to the Rare Charity pocket. I pray for you to continue prospering and staying blessed so that you may continue helping more students.

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  1. Sebastian Mboma January 19, 2023 at 7:16 am

    This is an amazing story, you set very high standards for your peers trailing behind you boy! Well done!

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