Olivia – Secondary Scholar

Our Strategy, and Why We Are Different

Rare Charity’s focus is tight and direct: to create educational opportunities within tea producing communities.

We are unlike many charities which operate from the UK to make changes abroad.

People, Not Statistics

We tailor our scholarships to the individual’s needs, and never to our own agenda.

We remain responsive.  Each scholar’s needs are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and our programmes are tailored accordingly. 

We do not measure our impact in numbers, but in how successfully we can support individuals to finish their education.  Because we recognise that it is the scholars who will drive the lasting change within their communities.

Wongani – Graduate

Holistic Support

We offer holistic support to all our scholars, to enable them to focus on their education. In addition to tuition fees, we fund:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Access to healthcare
  • Materials and uniform
  • A Laptop
  • Work experience placement
  • Some travel costs

We also offer each scholar a tailored mentorship programme, to support their adjustment to new learning environments. Our scholars are often exceptionally vulnerable, so we offer motivation, counselling and career advice.

We are proud to have partnered with leading international universities, which offer regular training opportunities and discussion panels to our scholars – to promote a two-way learning experience.  While many Rare graduates will choose to return to their tea communities, some may have ambitions for post-graduate work abroad. We want to open as many doors as possible.

Fages – Secondary Scholar

Education Runs Two Ways

As well as funding scholarships, Rare Charity seeks to educate consumers about the communities to which tea has already connected them.

We like to keep in touch with our donors, scholars, volunteers and supporters, and send regular updates about our scholars and their activities in their community.  

We hope we provide a platform on which producers, donors and consumers can enjoy the benefits of education – as part of a more informed, connected and egalitarian community.

Why do we support individuals?

Individuals initiate solutions for their country’s problems.  For instance, 60% of foreign medical equipment donated to Malawi breaks.  Preventable deaths due to inadequate apparatus are common.  Rare Scholar Joyce is studying Biomedical Engineering, because she wants to “design and make hospital equipment that will not easily break”.