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Funding education where opportunities are rare but talent is not.

Rare Charity offers access to education to talented people from tea communities. Tea gardens represent some of the most marginalised areas in many of the world’s poorest countries. Our aim is to give ambitious individuals the agency to implement long-term change - in their own ways and on their own terms.
About Henrietta Lovell

Our story

When Rare Tea Company began working with Satemwa Tea Garden in Malawi, its founder Henrietta Lovell decided to re-invest a percentage of revenue directly back into the surrounding community. She asked people what change they would most like to see. Their consistent answer was: "That our children's lives can be better than our own." Henrietta asked them how she could help them achieve this. The answer here was unanimous: Education for our children. Rare Charity was founded to respond to this need. While some of our core costs are met by Rare Tea Company, we now seek funds to expand our scholarship programmes to meet urgently growing needs.

Join us to Become a Monthly Donor for Rare Charity Scholarship Programmes


per month contributes to healthcare and materials


per month covers a girl’s secondary school boarding fees for a year


per month enables us fully to support the entire boarding school education for a marginalised girl who would otherwise have no access to school


per month supports an average 4-year degree in Malawi

Scholars in their own words

Why do we focus on education?

Education allows girls to avoid early marriages and act as role models to their peers. Education has an impact beyond individuals.  Education enables individuals to transform their households, their communities, their industry and eventually their nation. 

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