About us

Since 2004 Rare Tea Company (RTC) has championed direct trade and responsible partnerships. To go a step further in creating a new model for ethical business RTC has founded an independent charity funded by a direct percentage of all revenue from tea sales.

Rare Charity was created with the aim to help build real, long-term, sustainable development on our partner farms, and in the wider communities, by supporting tertiary educational opportunities. Rare Charity funds higher education scholarships - encompassing university, technical college and vocational training - for students on our partnership farms.  

The administrative costs of Rare Charity will be raised separately through fundraising initiatives with RTC partners and collaborators. The percentage of revenue raised from tea sales will go directly to funding Rare Charity scholarships. Rare Charity creates a credible new charity model disrupting established thinking about sustainable development, aid and charitable giving. Our first project is with the Tea Estate at Satemwa in Malawi with the aim to expand to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and beyond. 

Friends of Rare Charity

Our very first 'money can't buy' online auction was a huge success thanks to you. We have seven happy winners and we will be sharing their experiences with you soon. We are grateful to everyone who took part and helped share the prizes and raise over £8,500 for Rare Charity. The auction wouldn't have been possible without our brilliant hospitality partners and a huge thanks goes to  Richard Hart at Tartine Bakery San Francisco, Rene Redzepi at Noma, Timothy Everest, Martyn Nail at Claridge's, Josephine Fairley at The Perfume Society and Michael Zee of SymmetryBreakfast. 

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Friends of Rare Charity

Martyn Nail, Claridge's.

“After learning about Henrietta’s personal involvement with this project and from my experience of working with Henrietta it was really a very easy decision to make. Henrietta’s passion for superior quality teas and her desire for the best is infectious and why we love working with and supporting her.”

— M.N.

Guldsmeden Hotels.

“Guldsmeden Hotels are proud and happy to support Rare Charity, who truly embrace the basic principles of sustainability, building long-term relationships with their partners and reinforcing the “eco-system” of their business.”

— G.H.

Michael Zee, Symmetry Breakfast.

"I’m still amazed by how something so small and everyday, a cup of tea, can change someone's entire life for the better. That's why I’m supporting Rare Charity.”

— M.Z.