Rare Charity’s focus is tight and direct: to create educational opportunities within tea producing communities. To fund our scholarships, we rely on a percentage of sales revenue from Rare Tea Company, as well as crucial donations from the wider public. Our scholarships offer hope to the most ambitious and talented young people in communities where opportunities for study at tertiary level are basically non-existent. We cover college tuition fees, and ensure that our scholars are provided with meals and accommodation too.

We are unlike many charities which operate in the UK to make changes abroad. This is a considered and deliberate decision. Rare Charity disrupts established thinking about aid, charitable giving and sustainable development in three crucial ways:


People, Not Statistics

We understand that our scholars are people, not statistics. We never impose a foreign agenda upon them, nor do we export prescriptive ideals.  We do not peddle stereotypes and we do not tout people as numbers. Instead we listen to our scholars’ individual ambitions, and then work on their terms to fulfil them - because we recognise that it is the scholars, not us, who can implement sustainable and lasting change within their communities.


Low Cost, High Impact

Fundamental to Rare Charity are the individual scholars.  Our core costs are low - in 2017 less than 28% of our income was spent on staff salaries - which means that your money goes more directly towards the education of those who deserve it most.  And, we stay in touch.  We are in regular contact with all our students, hearing about their progress and successes.  Read about Rare scholars explaining in their own words the transformational impact of education.


Education Runs Two Ways

Rare Charity offers educational opportunities, not just to our scholars, but also to our donors. People in the UK drink an average of 6 cups of tea per day, but how much do we really know about the people who have produced that tea? Rare Charity seeks to educate the public about the communities to which tea has already connected them: we provide a platform on which producers, donors and consumers can enjoy the benefits of education - as part of a more informed, connected and egalitarian community.

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