Rare Charity has already established transformational tertiary education scholarships for individuals on Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi - and we will continue to make these accessible to students as they finish secondary school in and around Satemwa.

However it is more likely that students who complete secondary school are male. The significant gender disparity is because girls face much wider and more fundamental challenges in attending school: the expense of school fees relative to income, the pressure of domestic duties falling to young women, societal pressure to marry - coupled with an attractive dowry income for parents, poor hygiene standards, the risk of abuse at school — the uncomfortable list continues.

This is why Rare Charity plans to develop Secondary Level Scholarships for girls in 2019. We want to offer ambitious and capable girls the same chances at tertiary education as their male counterparts, and equip more young women, like Wongani and Lisnet, with the agency to improve their own futures.

The costs of education below may seem relatively low, but the impact for the individual student is immeasurable. Donate now to help us offer transformational opportunities to more young people in Malawi for 2019:

£100 - total costs to send one girl to school for a year

£230 - university tuition fees per semester

£5,000 - full cost of an entire university degree, including food, accommodation and fees

All costs cited are an average taken from colleges across Malawi in October 2018.

Eventually, we want to extend our scholarships to tea-farming communities across the globe. Everywhere that Rare Tea Company supports the enterprise of independent farms and tea gardens, working the land with love and care and craft, we want Rare Charity working alongside, creating new avenues for the young people in those communities to achieve their potential.