Wongani Jambo

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies

Majoring in Public Relations Management

University of Malawi: Chancellor College


“With the help of my Rare Charity Scholarship, I will work very hard to reach masters level and become a torch bearer to this community”

First and foremost, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to the management of Rare Charity Scholarship and Satemwa Tea Estates for granting me this scholarship opportunity. University is a challenging but wonderful experience, and scholarships are a rare thing in our country so I really take this as ‘a dream come true’. 


I have had a burning desire to reach the highest possible level of education, in order to meet the requirements of life in our country as well as presenting myself to the entire community even beyond it as a role model. I chose to study Communication and Cultural Studies because I have always been interested in understanding public relations practice in Malawi and how organisations and the government utilize it to their advantage.  I also wanted to understand more clearly what really constitutes public relations, since most people here confuse it with journalism.  My degree has helped me to clarify many areas and understand things a lot better.


My goals were set right away when I was young in primary school when I used to meet people with high posts in offices, when they visited our school through the estate and also being exposed to different visitors from abroad who also taught me the rewards of good education. I was inspired by all this and started working hard in school with the aim of achieving these goals. The only barrier came from finances since school fees kept on being revised and rising uncontrollably.  I felt very uncertain about my future as my parents could sometimes scarcely manage to provide fees.


With the help of Rare Charity Scholarship, I will work very hard to bring my vision into reality.  After I finish my bachelors I would love to do a masters in Strategic Marketing so that I can be even more experienced in my field of study. I would like to become a torch bearer to this community, and also advise my fellow friends on the importance of hardworking and having good values of life as well. To all young people out there wanting to excel in life, working hard is very important since rare scholarships are here to make our dreams come true.


Being at university has been a wonderful experience so far, and very academically enriching.  I have been exposed to new environments and experiences, despite the challenge of the frequent closures in Malawian universities, which delay students’ progress.


As a final analysis, let me appreciate that ‘Tea is not a small thing in real life situations’. It can really do something beyond people’s expectations.


Thanks very much!