It is the ambition of Rare Charity to help young people change their community forever, by:

Directly re-investing a percentage of sales to rebalance the relationship between producers and consumers with fairness and integrity.

Supporting long-term, systemic development through transformational educational opportunities for individuals.


Rare Charity's Story

Rare tea lady, satemwa, malawi

Rare Charity disrupts established thinking about sustainable development, aid and charitable giving. 10 years ago Rare Tea Company began working with the Satemwa Tea Estate, Malawi. Over a decade later our Founder Henrietta Lovell recognised the possibility of creating social change by re-investing a percentage of the revenue from Rare Tea Sales into the young people connected to the Estate. We have committed to setting up tertiary educational scholarships for young people supporting local, direct and individual benefits to their future and wider social change within their families and the community. By supporting vocational and skills-based training specific to the needs of individuals we will support local enterprises, start-ups and businesses creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in a country where job opportunities are scarce but talent is not.

In 2016 we established the Rare Charity:

  • Director: Anna Hamilos.
  • Board: Johnny Bute & Christina Hamiliton.
  • Trustees: Henrietta Lovell, Emilia Keladitis, Cecillia Makonyola & Will le Fleming. 

Rare Charity Scholars


The founding principle of Rare Charity is sustainability. The partnership between Rare Charity and Satemwa supports focussed intervention at the point of need. We are creating local role models who represent young Malawians aspirations and encourage their peers to develop their skills and change their own and their community’s future. Inherent to Rare Charity’s values is advocating gender equality by promoting the opportunity to female students in particular. We will support change agents who are leading a new way of eradicating poverty by gaining tertiary education and later financial independence.

Rare Charity is currently supporting four young Malawians through tertiary education with scholarships: Osman, Ongani, Alex and Lisnet. Rare Charity’s vision goes beyond the day-to-day we are establishing a platform that will educate generations of young people to come.